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Thomas Mullikin, Jr., President

Thomas Mullikin, Jr is a 2012 Graduate of the University of South Carolina and a 2011 graduate of the South Carolina Master Naturalist program. Mullikin, Jr is a former NCAA Division I tennis player where he was recognized as the Most Improved Player. He is a black belt in Karate and serves as a Self Defense Instructor.

Mullikin, Jr has been recognized for his global travels including recording climbs on six continents including summiting four of the “big seven” - Aconcagua (South America), Mt. Elbrus (Europe), Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Mt. Kosciusko (Australia). Mullikin, Jr also has recorded summits on Mt. Chimborazo (Ecuador) and Mt. Ruminawi (Ecuador). Mullikin, Jr has made two summit attempts on Denali (USA) and achieved a successful Everest Base Camp.

Mullikin, Jr serves in the capacity of a dive master and rescue diver for GEA. He instructs students on how the technical equipment operates. Mullikin, Jr. has logged dives all over the world. He has also been awarded the coveted certified shark feeder designation for feeding sharks at depth outside a cage.

A strong supporter of community and civic organizations, Mullikin serves on the Board of Palmetto Pride, Kershaw County Young Professionals. He has served on Committees for Kershaw County Jaycees and Ducks Unlimited Kershaw County. He served as a Lieutenant in the South Carolina State Guard.

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