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Cam Mullikin, Secretary

Cam Mullikin serves as Secretary for Global Eco Adventures (GEA). A 1979 graduate of the University of Delaware (B.S. in Chemical Engineering), Cam has served on the GEA Board for over 10 years. As a GEA volunteer Cam was instrumental in developing and executing the GEA Adventure Club educating the youth to the benefits of outdoor activities through programs such as hiking and kayaking while providing environmental awareness and education. He currently serves as the Chairman of the GEA Adventure Club Committee. Additionally, Cam assisted in the development of the initial South Carolina 7 (SC7) expedition itinerary and logistics as well as liaison and planning coordinator for the initial GEA Smart Reef Initiative.

Cam’s varied work experiences includes engineering, technical research, marketing and social media management, special event coordination, music production and audio engineering. He currently lives in Camden, South Carolina and serves a Chief of Staff for the Mullikin Law Firm.

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